Advantages of using bellows metal compensators

Bellows compensators are elements of piping systems that compensate for mutual movements of pipes caused by thermal expansion, ground displacement, vibrations, etc. Compensators are used for distribution of gas or liquid media in a wide range of industrial sectors. In addition to stainless steel compensators, our offer also includes rubber and fabric compensators.
high thermal resistance (from -260°C to +600°C, with lining up to 1200°C).
always designed according to specific customer requirements in a wide range of diameters (from 20mm to 5000mm).

Types of compensators

Lateral compensator

Absorbs movements perpendicular to the pipe axis

Axial compensator

Absorbs movements of piping systems in the direction of the pipe axis

Angular compensator

Absorbs angular deviations of pipe axes in multiple axes

Special compensator

Developed and patented for specific construction solutions (AGK, ANAX, LATEGK, STABILAX, GEFAX)

Connecting compensators

Fixed/rotary flange
External/internal thread
Combination of end connections
According to customer requirements
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