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RATTAY Metal Hoses Ltd. Liberec

RATTAY Metal Hoses Ltd. Liberec is a part of the international company Rattay Group. The company was founded by just two employees in Germany in 1978, and within a few years, it developed from a small family business to become one of the leading suppliers of metal hoses and compensators for a wide range of industrial sectors.

As the company grew, it was necessary to expand branches into other countries, and in 1996, a sister company was established in the Czech Republic - RATTAY Metal Hoses Ltd. Currently, the company has 22 permanent employees on a production area of 1200m2.
RATTAY Metal Hoses Ltd. has extensive experience in the production of stainless steel hoses and compensators. We offer customized designs directly to the customer. Everything is supported by CAD programs (DWG, STEP, DXF, etc.).

Our main competencies include welding technology, where we hold the necessary welding procedures (WPQR, WPS).


Sales representatives communicate with customers and offer solutions according to their specifications.

Certification and Standards

RATTAY Kovové Hadrice s.r.o. is certified under the quality management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016.
ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016
PED 97/23/EC (L189/164) - Pressure equipment
ČSN EN 12300 - Cryogenic vessels - Operational cleanliness
ČSN EN 12434 - Cryogenic vessels, DIN EN 14917 - Metal bellows expansion joints for pressure applications
DIN EN 15085 - Welding of railway vehicles and components
DIN EN ISO 21969 - High-pressure flexible connections for use with medical gas systems
EJMA standards.
RATTAY metal hoses s.r.o.
RATTAY metal hoses s.r.o. supplies stainless steel hoses and compensators for various applications.
ID: 64053636
Company headquarters:
Kladenská 287/4
460 01 Liberec
Official dealers:
GMS Most s.r.o.
GMS Pardubice s.r.o.
GMS Lanškroun s.r.o.
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