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We specialize in welding of steel and stainless steel. Our main competencies include TIG and MAG welding, for which we hold necessary welding procedures (WPQR, WPS).
Design processing with support of CAD programs 2D/3D
Qualified and certified experts
Welding procedures (WPQR, WPS).

Methods used for metal welding:

MAG/Manual Active Gas

Welding with a melting electrode in an active gas. For MAG method, CO2 is usually used as gas, which reacts with the weld pool. It is used for welding of steel, stainless materials, and aluminum alloys.

TIG/Tungsten Inert Gas

Welding with a non-melting tungsten electrode. The method is based on the principle of burning an electric arc between the tungsten electrode and the weldment in a protective atmosphere using inert gas - argon, helium, or their mixture. The advantages of TIG welding are good control of the weld pool and the possibility to use the same material for welding (electrode) as the material of the weldment. This method can be used for welding very thin materials.
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RATTAY metal hoses s.r.o. supplies stainless steel hoses and compensators for various applications.
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